Thursday, 31 October 2013

Supermom against the world

Okay so here i am baking cupcakes at 01:14 in the morning, decorating, baking making it look all pretty, all 90 of them!! school bake sale? entrepreneurs day you might ask? ( because if you are a mom then these are perfect excuses for being in the kitchen baking silly hours of the morning right?) WELL i am baking them for no apparent reason, giving them to the kids, packing extra-ordinary lunches for tomorrow, ironing the clothes for work,school,karate and then clothes for after karate, prepping for tomorrow's breakfast, signing of homework books, checking homework etc...if you're a mom...then you'll get where i am coming from right..because i am trying my butt of to be supermom , over compensating and feeling extra bad when my sense of humour or patience runs dry! In one second i can go from angelic temptress and lover to a black widow, a sugary sweet mommy to a Dracula ready to ...well you get what i mean! so why do we put so much pressure on ourselves to be perfect? And most of all why is it socially unacceptable to admit that you're not? and what exactly is perfect and to who's standards? Well as you very well know..i love writing about my life's experiences so here goes..the day i found out i was supermom...! We all have these competitive thorns in our sides..the dreaded perfect mom at school...she's perfect at baking, needlework, art projects for school, and just about everything else, she is one of the class representatives at school, she helps on sport days and any other event happening, she has the perfect husband, perfect daughter and perfect little boy..they have perfect family holidays and off course all of this while she still holds down a perfect full time job!!! So here i was this one Monday morning dropping of my Dash Light year at school and here walks Mrs perfect, for all records let's call her Villain X, ( i like the ring to that VILLAIN X)! You know when someone just knows how to push the right buttons... It all started the Monday morning..for some reason i just did not hear the alarm, and disaster management 1 for the week struck! It's 07:00 i have a child with adhd and suddenly getting it all done in 30 minutes looks like... know! So here follows a brief description of how the week went! Monday over slept, fell when i came in the kitchen, (think i will need a hip replacement, but I'll live)got up in record speed and stupid looked if someone saw me...wth? almost grabbed the cupboard door off it's hinges while getting the cereal box ( as if this is going to spare me some time?) Chuck in milk go down the passage make a u turn forgot the honey, add honey start power walk down the passage, sigh of relief, D is awake...just spared 3 minutes!!! Lady time is on my side this morning because he is starving and races through his cereal.... aah start dressing him, he gets irritated by this gesture and demands on doing it himself...stop arguing and start delegating!! School starts at 07:45 it is now 07:40 thank heavens we live so close and he dashes into the gates like dash from the incredibles and makes it in a nick of time!!!phew!!!No detention slip today YEAH! Tuesday... This is really beginning to pull at my patience because once again i did not hear the alarm and blame the late nights!!!!!!!! Same Routine as yesterday with a little more drama off course but, once again my little Booba dashes through the school gates this time like Mr Buzz light year himself!!! Much to Villain X's Amusement, and just there it feels like someone just threw me with an ice cold bucket of in your face!!!i have no make-up on, my green pick'npay slippers boots ( which by the way is much warmer than those nine west..uhm i mean nine inch heels!) (and i can run faster!) standing out like a neon sign under my track pants and jersey!! and yes you guessed it, she looks as if she just stepped out of a magazine...who looks like that this time of the am? THAT IS IT!!! I will wake up on time tomorrow..make b/fast,have clothes ready...I am going to be SUPERMOM!!!!! Wednesday.. 04:30 i will not even tempt Murphy by asking how i heard the alarm this morning,but i get up , make breakfast, bacon, toast,eggs,danish,juice,coffee,tea the works! Wake up my little super dude, get him into a tracksuit and those takkies and we are going for a walk!! he's excited, we enjoy the walk, but i need my fix..I'll do anything for the know what i am talking about, we all need one,whether it's decaf or caff we can't survive without it..and i need a hardcore shot of espresso (or 2), so we make the walk a bit faster so that we can get home, go through the morning perfect, drop little super dude off at school, even before VILLAIN X and her little Pozzie arrives at school! Thursday Repeated as Wednesday! And Friday meets me with a smile......not really.. but i grab the rest of my body out of bed, and drag myself to the kitchen..feels like a train or 6 of them challenged me and i lost! but here we go same as Wednesday and Thursday... Now you can just imagine this laid back, chilled out family, who does weird things, who's always late, and annoyingly always tooo relaxed but anyways..the point is we should actually be living next to the coast cause we are just chill like that! The weekend came..and so did the 100's of biscuits etc. i baked, my super dude felt like a decorated biscuit by the end of the weekend.and i could tell that this perfect little family of mine is on the edge...and then Sunday evening the bomb bursts!!!!! My alarm clock is gone.....i can't find super dude's lunchbox, i forgot to buy yogurt and the coffee is finished... and then my hubby (as if this is normal) Ag but you can just quickly pop in at the shop tomorrow like you always do when you forget something...... WHAT??? and then, super dude says very cautiously...and mommy can i sleep a little later tomorrow, because i am really tired...and hubby says and can i please just have cereal in the morning because all this eating is making me feel ill, and super dude just have to slip in there with a " i think it's better for mommy too, because your hip needs to rest( HE SAW ME) humiliation just swallowed me in...supermom without wings! HA so jumping up and looking if anyone saw me isn't as dumb as i thought!! Ungrateful suckers! No, we just like you the way you are, yes mommy i have the coolest mom in the world, and now you.. you are like a crazy robot Mom! Aww really? My husbands reply" Yes babe, i love you the way you are, unorganised but always getting it done, we like how you roll" and super dude says " YES You are MY Supermom!!" SUPERMOM...ME...SUPERMOM? i am tearing up here..... Now there you have it! Nothing was wrong but i tried to fix it! Every Family has it's own way of making things work..sometimes it goes smooth and sometimes...well sometimes you almost break a hip because of an alarm clock malfunction... but All families has hiccups whether you do it woman alone or Like Villain X with 2 nanny's and a butler's helping you out with the morning routines..but don't change the way you manage your household...because your man married you and is in love with you because you and your ways are what he fell in love with,( Men are not nearly as stupid as we think...when they are younger they party with the party chicks,Drink till they pass out but as they mature,( but i have to warn you a few of them never do!) But those who do, they start to look at THEIR WIVES and the woman they choose differently.suddenly the wife material they are looking for gets chosen with different criteria, someone they can love forever, who can bare their children, who can manage their households,who can plan the family vacations that they work so hard to provide, role models that their kids can look up to and a woman that's gonna have his back as much as he will have hers! and that's how we became the good wife's and mom's that we are) we were chosen of the A list! And your kids , your adorable, sometimes driving mom up the walls -kids, just adore you no matter how crazy you are, how angry you get, how much or how little you give, how imperfect or perfect you are! We are their SUPERMOMS and SUPER WIVES even if we some time's feel the need to compare ourselves to others who seemingly has such a more perfect Life than ours, sometimes.just sometimes the grass is not greener on the other side... So don't ever second guess yourself You are a super in your own right and those who matter don't care and those who cares don't matter! xxx

Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Never Ever Ever cheat on your hairdresser!

Never, Ever , Ever , Ever and i mean ever cheat on your Hairdresser! Let me begin by just defending myself in this whole situation....For the past 2 months i have been so busy, early early mornings, late late nights, we were busy with a huge marketing campaign in cape town and i had little time for myself!Saturday We were invited to a birthday Party of a friend's brother, Now let me start by saying my hair is not the easiest of hair because i have to straighten, and blow and straighten again before i can be seen in public, and when i wake up in the mornings i always say thanks first that my husband has stuck with me this long because my hair curls up like a bad perm that only a mother could love!! I could only get an appointment with my hairdresser for this Wednesday, so i popped into a Local salon, and asked if i could just have a little trim on them split ends...and this is what happened: I Got there and waited 10 minutes to be taken into a little room that looks like a dungeon( or it could be me just feeling paranoid) they washed my hair and i was looking forward to being treated to that nice scalp massage that they do when they wash your hair, but instead i got cold water and a woman who was obviously angry at her husband because she washed my head V I G U R O U S L Y!!! damn man my scalp was on fire, but i still had an incling of hope that there was still a massage...rinse...cold water again...dripping down my spine....aaaahhhh here it comes, here it comes....BOOM over WTH? I go over to the seat of death in front of the mirror and my hairdresser with her glassy eyes says, so what will we be doing today? " oh just a little of the split ends and thin it out a little, because i do have an appointment for Wednesday...gulp... she picks up the scissors and i get a flash back of that Edward scissor hands movie, and i tell her that my hair is worse that a poodles when it is dry, no no it's fine don't worry about it, but i do want to cut a little fringe because it will suit you beautifully.. double gulp, uhm i haven't had one of those since std 6, but whatever you are the professional, just not too short please in a nervous voice off course, she snips and she clips and suddenly when she cuts the fringe it goes down in slooooowwwwwww moooottioon, noooooooooooooooo!! it's tooo short,it's tooo short! this woman takes the dryer, yip that's gonna make it grow back...she blows it with furious passion flicks it left , flicks it right and woala, "Kyk net hoe pragtag, sjoe dit lyk mooi...i could not look at myself in the mirror, either because of shock or concussion, because she dropped the front part of the dryer on my head when she was in the zone!! I tell her ever so politely that it's fine, i will see how it looks when she flat iron's and blow dries it...but nothing..i mean Nada.. zip , zero..get the picture? She sends me out with half dry hair curling up like a bad, bad, morning wake up perm..and a fringe that looks like a bad version of Jolandi Visser.. NOW WHAT??? i still have to walk out get milk and bread etc. and it's a busy mall AND i have a party on for tonight, clips is all i could think about. so i stand at pick and pay, hiding behind my wallet hoping no one i know sees me like this, because they will probably think that i have split up with my husband and gone on drugs or something,,yes that's how bad it looks! i pull at my hair at the bottom of my curls and guess what...bam on the counter a 6 cm piece of hair falls out probably about 1cm wide, like a badly done extension... i pick it up, dropped it in the bag, and sped out like a woman on nitro's!! I got home , clipped up hair, and my husband with a wth? expression... because normally when i get back.. i am relaxed, hair styledto perfection feeling like a million bucks( because after all it's part of your cut?, but by this time, my eyes are blood shot, my face is pale and i am in a panic looking like a woman on a mental break down!! " not bad love he says.. Not Bad? Not Bad? i ripped out the first clip then the second...NOT BAD Hey? my voice shockingly SHRIEK..uhm he looks like a deer caught in the headlights..uhm maybe you should flat iron it, and see maybe she had a vision. a Vision.. I pulled out the lock of hair in the bag.. he Wants to burst a vain but you could see..he knows it would mean not dare to laugh at a woman having a melt down lol! So Long story Short .. with some good wax and 2 hours of blow dry, flat iron and clips it started to look semi decent again...except for the fringe that is cut sooo short it will probably take 7 months to grow out! So what have i learned out of this experience? your hairdresser is like your life partner, they know your personality, your lifestyle, and your hair ( on it's good AND bad days) and they know how to bring out the beauty in your just never ever ever ever cheat on them..because you don't know what you have, how good they are until a Jolandi Visser crazed fan gets hold of a scissor and starts going clipper happy!

Friday, 12 July 2013

Mother's Love

I rubbed over my bump, as i lay on the couch with the sun kissing my tummy i realised that my life was about to change, i was about to change and God has chosen me to become a guardian to one of His Angels. It was an undeniable fact that from the moment he would take his first breath i would do anything to protect him. Anything that he will ever go through, as disapointing or hurtful or great it might be, i will love him unconditionally, this is a sort of love that you never know until it happens to you! This Child before me sleeps, his rhytmic breathing calms me. I am a Mother, an undeniable fact of the universe. We are joined together for all of eternity because...i am his Mother! His Blonde hair curls at the nape of his neck and his bright smile lights up a thousand galaxies. This child of mine who always laughs convinces the biggest , brightest stars from the sky to live in his bautifull blue eyes! When the day calms down, when the sun sets in the sky and make way for the moon and the stars to play in the heavens and my angel falls asleep, i watch him... Where has all my prayers gone? where did all my questions to the meaning of life gone? where did my insecurities go? My Conversations with God is now about my son, My songs of joy is now about this tiny being that has been entrusted in my care, i love this little human SO much! This love for him lives in my soul, in the pores of my skin, in the redbood cells that grew him inside of my body, i love him intensly,unconditionally,unexplainably! Oh how beautifull God's favour upon me is. Quetly i leave his room, feelings on intensity rushes over the beaches of my soul, he is part of my every being now and forever, till the end of time!

Monday, 1 July 2013

Offend Not and be not Offended - A great Lesson Learned!

You Do not get to Choose Your Calling, It is given Unto to You, You are Born with a calling, God Knows what he has created, and what purpose he has created you for, I am Obedient to what my calling is, and without judgement for your way of believing and giving, i share with you my calling, my visions and my experiences, because we are all brothers and Sisters in Christ and Because We should be joyfull for one another, for our causes for our dream and visions that Christ Has for us. I do not share my testimonies and experiences for you to judge or condemn them, but for you to rejoice with me, i do not judge or condemn you or your ways and institutions you give to. By judging the people or institutions i give God's hours to is not right, by telling me that giving out bibles won't change a thing and by listening to my visions that i share but not LISTENING you are condemning me, you cannot speak out of 2 mouths, you cannot speak about the word, about grace, about love, light and everything Good in this world, but believe that people cannot be saved by giving them bibles, this is a foolish way of thinking, for you of all people, who go to the same church as me, who listens to the same messages as me, You should know that there is Life altering Power in the word of Christ, because whoever shall believe will have eternal life.Why make notes if you do not HEAR the message? Is this not all in vein? You need to drop the fasade, and you need to empty your mind and spirit of all the things that are obstacles in your race, i am not judging i am giving you sound advise i am trying to help you up from your fall, but you also need to admit that yo have fallen. IT is not just about giving bibles you are right, it is about giving full in turns shows compassion, compassion in turn shows love and caring, which in turn gains trust, trust is a powerfull thing wich in turn will make people listen and respect the word you give them out of the bible you so heavily believe will not help if the receiver do not accept Jesus. You see it is more than just dropping of a bible, and this is why you have to SEE and not just see,Listen and not just hear. you walk a path with these people, you invest in them, because you know God will lead you in spirit, you TRUST that God will work through you in them. Wheter they are people with a blotched past or not, It is not our position to judge people or their past, and defnitely not our place to judge where the spirit leads you or who you should be giving to. I May be silent about a lot of things, and my Journey with God might be a silent one that is working within me,but the Storms and winds of change is like a Tyfoon in my spirit, and i know that i know that i know God is Preparing me for great things, and when HE is ready i will explode and bubble over, and this is what i embrace.This is my Calling, and i am excited, overjoyed and overwhelmed.Wheter you agree with the cause or not. I know that we should not be offensive to others, and i will try to not take offense from others as i have with this experience. "My brothers, show no partiality as you hold the faith in our Lord Jesus Christ, the Lord of glory. For if a man wearing a gold ring and fine clothing comes into your assembly, and a poor man in shabby clothing also comes in, and if you pay attention to the one who wears the fine clothing and say, “You sit here in a good place,” while you say to the poor man, “You stand over there,” or, “Sit down at my feet,” have you not then made distinctions among yourselves and become judges with evil thoughts? Listen, my beloved brothers, has not God chosen those who are poor in the world to be rich in faith and heirs of the kingdom, which he has promised to those who love him?" You have to ask yourself, who are you giving to? are you giving to people and institutions or are you giving To God? Just remember Jesus was found amongst Sinners and Prostitutes, Because a church is not a place for the perfect but a hospital for the broken. Be the light in this world, be the representatives for Christ on Earth and Let go and Let God. You don't Choose..Let God Choose

Monday, 15 April 2013

Choose How You use your Weapons With Care

Are you a murderer?
I know I am, I haven't Killed a lot of people..only a few, but I suppose murder is murder right?

Now before you drop your PC and run to call 10111 let me explain...

The Average tongue is only 10cm long, yet it has the power to build or break a nation, hell it can even make or break a whole generation.
When I was younger I could destroy a whole army with temper tantrums and hateful words,(ask the people I use to work with) but there's something that happens in the human brain when you make the transition from child to adult. something happens to your thought and behaviour pattern, suddenly something keeps you from just exploding and blurting out what you are feeling and you stand back and think of the consequences of what you are about to say.For some it happens at 18, for others this transition only takes place in their 30's and Sadly  few never make the transition and go forth in life bringing up kids who just go about life mimicking what they see and hear.
I can almost guarantee you if I child grows up with parents screaming and fighting their way through every situation, that they will handle their situations the same way.
But if a child grows up with role models who handle situations in a positive way, they will grow up to be Adults who thinks things through without premature blow ups.
The Tongue is incredibly hard to tame. All kinds of wild animals have been tamed but the tongue is the most difficult and problem causing organ in the human body so to speak.
The tongue is a very, very powerful weapon that can be used from aiding your digestive system to breaking or building someones spirit, and it does not matter what you believe in or what you read there's always a Word of Caution to Man Regarding the tongue.
What Does the Bible say?
"Death and life are in the power of the tongue; those who love it will eat its fruit." Proverbs 18:21
"Getting treasures by a lying tongue is a fleeting vapour for those who seek death." Proverbs 21:6
"Whoever guards his mouth and his tongue keeps his soul from troubles." Proverbs 21:23
"By patience a ruler is persuaded. A soft tongue breaks the bone." Proverbs 25:15
"Where there is much talk there will be no end to sin, but he who keeps his mouth shut does wisely." Proverbs 10:19
"The tongue of the righteous is like choice silver. The heart of the wicked is of little worth." Proverbs 10:20
"The mouth of the righteous brings forth wisdom, but the perverse tongue will be cut off." Proverbs 10:31
"He who has a poor opinion of his neighbour has no sense, but a wise man keeps quiet." Proverbs 11:12
"There is one who speaks rashly like the piercing of a sword, but the tongue of the wise heals." Proverbs 12:18
"Truth's lips will be established forever, but a lying tongue is only momentary." Proverbs 12:19
"The tongue of the wise commends knowledge, but the mouth of fools gush out folly." Proverbs 15:2
"A gentle tongue is a tree of life, but deceit in it crushes the spirit." Proverbs 15:4
"The plans of the heart belong to man, but the answer of the tongue is from Yahweh (God)." Proverbs 16:1
"An evildoer heeds wicked lips. A liar gives ear to a mischievous tongue." Proverbs 17:4
"One who has a perverse heart doesn't find prosperity, and one who has a deceitful tongue falls into trouble." Proverbs 17:20
"Even the foolish man, when he keeps quiet, is taken to be wise: when his lips are shut he is credited with good sense." Proverbs 17:28
"The north wind brings forth rain: so a backbiting tongue brings an angry face." Proverbs 25:23
"A lying tongue hates those it hurts; and a flattering mouth works ruin." Proverbs 26:28
"One who rebukes a man will afterwards find more favour than one who flatters with the tongue." Proverbs 28:23
"Have you seen a man who is quick with his tongue? There is more hope for a foolish man than for him." Proverbs 29:20
In Islam they say:
The tongue has power unlimited for either power over good and bad. The dangers and harms of tongue are many and there is no rescue, from them except silent 'Silence is a rule and few people can observe it', 'If a man can give me guarantee of the things placed between his two cheeks and his two thighs, I can give him guarantee of paradise.'
Do not haphazardly speak without a need. Once uttered, you no longer control the words, but they control you." That is, once you speak a word it will be to your benefit if it is good. However, if it is sinful, then it will be written against you and will require a valid repentance.
The tongue is the thing that deserves imprisonment most he made the tongue witness to what is in the heart, as mentioned by the great scholars of Islam. Words of goodness reflects what is in the heart, as sinful or blasphemous words reflect what is in the heart.
Do you know what Backbiting -Ghee bah is?It is to mention something about your brother (in his absence) that he would hate. It was said, 'What if what I say about my brother is true? If what you said about him is true then you would have backbitten him, and if it is not true, then you would have slandered him.
What  Buddha Say about the tongue:
"The tongue like a sharp knife... Kills without drawing blood." 
Let us now consider Right Speech. What a wonderful thing is speech, for just a word can change a man's whole outlook towards good. and evil. Are we not really fortunate in this gift which is denied to animals? Yet how few of us care to use it for our own and others' welfare. Much trouble and misunderstanding could be avoided if only people would be more thoughtful and gentle in what they say and more accurate and sincere in what they write.
Speech is a gift of great value since through it we can express thoughts and ideas which can be shared with others. But if the tongue, which is boneless and pliable, is allowed to become unruly, it can play havoc. Is it not responsible for much strife and trouble from squabbles between families to wars between nations? If man could but tame his tongue, would not the world be a far better place to live in?
And a few other Life's quotes on the tongue says:
Whatever is in the heart will come up to the tongue." Persian Proverb
"One reason a dog is such a lovable creature is his tail wags instead of his tongue"
"You can speak well if your tongue can deliver the message of your heart." John Ford
"The best time for you to hold your tongue is the time you feel you must say something or bust" Josh Billings
"Before the tongue can speak, it must have lost the power to wound." Peace Pilgrim
"Better slip with foot than tongue" Benjamin Franklin
"At table keep a short hand; in company keep a short tongue." Turkish Proverb
"It does not always pay to have a golden tongue unless one has the ability to hold it" Paul Johnson
"When the heart is full the tongue will speak" Scottish Proverb
"I prefer tongue-tied knowledge to ignorant loquacity." Marcus Tullius Cicero
"A knife-wound heals, but a tongue wound festers."Turkish Proverb
"A distinguished diplomat could hold his tongue in ten languages."
"Man's tongue is soft, and bone doth lack; yet a stroke therewith may break a man's back." Benjamin Franklin
"A sharp tongue is the only edge tool that grows keener with constant use." Washington Irving quotes
So there we have it, no matter what you believe in, Man is warned time and again about the dangers of the tongue, it is a weapon it can be used to do good or bad,Murder or give life and as a mother of a Boy I would like for him to go into this world and do his part to better the human race and not do harm, that is what all parents want for their children, so lets start by being an example to our kids, instead of speaking out of anger, or resentment or fear let us speak life, Let us react not in anger but through thoughtfulness, let us speak words of kindness and love and do our part in building a generation of people who will speak only good, because in our words is our actions! And if at the root of our actions are good words only then and the alone will there be hope for humanity.

Wednesday, 3 April 2013


And So within a few hours a celebration of my 34th year of life awaits me, and as I look back on my life I can't help but feel too fat, too unhealthy, not good enough, not happy with the grey hair and sad about the wrinkles. The era of my  skinny body and smooth and silky skin feels like ages ago..
But So much has changed, I have grown into a woman, a wife and a mother..I have in comparison matured gracefully and I can't help but forget about the worries I mentioned above..
I have a husband who loves me, a son who adores me and friends who cares.
I have a warm bed at night, the safety of a building I call home, I have both my parents giving me hugs and cheering me on in my race of life, I have a mother in law who finally respects me and cares for me like I am her own.
I have two brothers who will fight to the death to protect me, I have a God who thinks I am perfect and special.
I have the gift of sight, and the joy of sound.
I have the ability to walk on the grainy sands along the ocean...
And I feel guilty, because in life these are all that's really important!

What is it in this life that makes us feel like there's always something more that we need to do, something we have not yet achieved?
Why is it that we find ourselves competing to be "The Perfect Woman" and then feel like we are always falling short in the "Mrs. Perfect" Department?
Why is it that we look at some woman and think to ourselves that we wish we could be more like them?
They make being a mom, a boss, a wife an entertainer and a friend look so easy?
They just glide through life solving problems without breaking a sweat, answers questions with not one missed heartbeat? Mrs. Calm in a panic stricken situations, Mrs I can eat as much strawberry cheesecake and not gain 1kg? Miss I baked a 100 cupcakes for the school bake sale and still Never have one hair out of place not even one imperfection on her perfectly made up face..and she does this having 4 kids?? Jealousy creeps in and your perfectly rose coloured heart beats slower as the darkness of the green eye monster chokes the life out of it...

Because we choose to..Yes it is that simple..We choose to put ourselves down because in our mind society has these high expectations of what the perfect wife , mother and woman is..
If you wake up every morning thankfull, gratefull and loved by child and husband then you are pretty darn perfect..
A friend I use to hold dearly told me once that at their church they had stones in front where their preacher preached, On each stone it said I CHOOSE, and the message that was preached was that every emotion you have is a choice that you make, If you lose your temper and get angry, that is a choice!
So tonigh at the dawn of a new year I CHOOSE to celebrate a life of a phenomenal woman, a woman who admits she is not perfect to herself but to her loved ones she's the best.
A woman who Chooses to accept that I might not have the small body I use to have, but that my curves makes me who I am, A woman who chooses to embrace life,change and her imperfections and live. A Woman who chooses not to imprison herself with her own low self esteem any longer,A woman who Chooses to Love Life , Love God and Love Herself, Because my dear fellow phenomenal women, once you let Go and Let God your life Will change drastically, amazingly, beautifully and nothing can make your sunshine disappear any longer , you will realise that age does not matter But the measure in how much joy you have lived life with and how much of that you have shared with your fellow man  That is really all that Matters the gift of sharing love, life and joy
So let's all go out tomorrow and choose to live, laugh and love not just ourselves but also the people around us

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

What is The True Meaning Of Human Rights Day?


Human Rights Day in South Africa is linked with 21 March 1960, and the events of Sharpeville. On that day 69 people died and 180 were wounded when police fired on a peaceful crowd that had gathered to protest against the Pass laws. It was more than a protest against the Pass Laws of the apartheid regime. It was an affirmation by common people, rising in unison to proclaim their rights, and it became an iconic date in our country’s troubled history.

But to me this day has so much more meaning to it than a specific event,
It Means That:
I have the right to be protected, respected and loved by my fellow man.
I have the right to be equal to my husband, where love and respect is a mutual exchange between 2 people in a life-long commitment to each other.
I have the right to be able to walk alone under a moonlit sky without fear, I have the right to voice an opinion, to vote, to be recognised with merit whether i am white , or black, whether i am male or female.
I have the right to practise religion of my choice without being prosecuted or killed for my beliefs.
I have the right to grow old in a peaceful world, to watch my daughter play in a park without fearing the eyes of perverted individuals or fear of my children being sold as sex slaves.
I have the right to buy something nice with the money i earned without fear of being killed for it.
I have the right to stop at a red light as a law obiding citizen without fear of being murdered for my car.
I have the right to meaningful friendships without fear of being used for another's benefit
I have the right to speak up when i am not being treated fairly without fear of rejection.
I have the right to speak up when my leader of my country disappoint me in his double minded actions, without fear of being laughed at or ignored because i am in the minority.
I have the right to take part in a debate without having my colour count against me when things get heated.
i have the Right To Be proud of my heritage without being accused of being racist.
I have the right to see each and every square metre of our beautiful country that i pay taxes towards without fearing whether i am in the right  "colour coded" area.
I have the right to have friends of different races, ages, and cultures and personalities without fear of being condemned for it.
I have the right to not be judged for the person i used to be and respected for the person i have become.
I have the right to send my child out in the world without fearing that he will have to walk past 20 drug dealers before he gets to school.
I have the right to live in a world where we have enough respect for each others rights, where we can live ...and not die...where there's light, no darkness, Love and no hatred, Where our senior citizens are being treated with respect, where our children are protected, nurtured and loved, where nature is being looked after for centuries to come, where we greet each other on the street with Genuine Love for one another.Where our jails can be empty and our leaders can be looked up to. Where kids look up to their parents and where parents are worthy of being looked up to, where our pets are still treated as animals and not garbage, where helping someone in need comes from a genuine place and not for gaining face or publicity.
Where Police men were still looked up to, where kids still wanted to be firemen and where hatred,greed,murder,corruption,Promiscuity Amongst children, pollution of human mind and deceit was something you only saw in horror movies and not documentaries..
We Live in a world where children are burned , woman are raped, men are murdered, boys are recruited as soldiers and death is the only prize left after greed has sucked up all power and wealth.

We live in a world where this could be possible if every person started with the one you see in the mirror.

May Human Rights Day Bring forth in our lives appreciation for what we have, motivation for what we could become and Faith That God's Grace, Love, Kindness and mercy will change us all for the better.