Monday, 1 July 2013

Offend Not and be not Offended - A great Lesson Learned!

You Do not get to Choose Your Calling, It is given Unto to You, You are Born with a calling, God Knows what he has created, and what purpose he has created you for, I am Obedient to what my calling is, and without judgement for your way of believing and giving, i share with you my calling, my visions and my experiences, because we are all brothers and Sisters in Christ and Because We should be joyfull for one another, for our causes for our dream and visions that Christ Has for us. I do not share my testimonies and experiences for you to judge or condemn them, but for you to rejoice with me, i do not judge or condemn you or your ways and institutions you give to. By judging the people or institutions i give God's hours to is not right, by telling me that giving out bibles won't change a thing and by listening to my visions that i share but not LISTENING you are condemning me, you cannot speak out of 2 mouths, you cannot speak about the word, about grace, about love, light and everything Good in this world, but believe that people cannot be saved by giving them bibles, this is a foolish way of thinking, for you of all people, who go to the same church as me, who listens to the same messages as me, You should know that there is Life altering Power in the word of Christ, because whoever shall believe will have eternal life.Why make notes if you do not HEAR the message? Is this not all in vein? You need to drop the fasade, and you need to empty your mind and spirit of all the things that are obstacles in your race, i am not judging i am giving you sound advise i am trying to help you up from your fall, but you also need to admit that yo have fallen. IT is not just about giving bibles you are right, it is about giving full in turns shows compassion, compassion in turn shows love and caring, which in turn gains trust, trust is a powerfull thing wich in turn will make people listen and respect the word you give them out of the bible you so heavily believe will not help if the receiver do not accept Jesus. You see it is more than just dropping of a bible, and this is why you have to SEE and not just see,Listen and not just hear. you walk a path with these people, you invest in them, because you know God will lead you in spirit, you TRUST that God will work through you in them. Wheter they are people with a blotched past or not, It is not our position to judge people or their past, and defnitely not our place to judge where the spirit leads you or who you should be giving to. I May be silent about a lot of things, and my Journey with God might be a silent one that is working within me,but the Storms and winds of change is like a Tyfoon in my spirit, and i know that i know that i know God is Preparing me for great things, and when HE is ready i will explode and bubble over, and this is what i embrace.This is my Calling, and i am excited, overjoyed and overwhelmed.Wheter you agree with the cause or not. I know that we should not be offensive to others, and i will try to not take offense from others as i have with this experience. "My brothers, show no partiality as you hold the faith in our Lord Jesus Christ, the Lord of glory. For if a man wearing a gold ring and fine clothing comes into your assembly, and a poor man in shabby clothing also comes in, and if you pay attention to the one who wears the fine clothing and say, “You sit here in a good place,” while you say to the poor man, “You stand over there,” or, “Sit down at my feet,” have you not then made distinctions among yourselves and become judges with evil thoughts? Listen, my beloved brothers, has not God chosen those who are poor in the world to be rich in faith and heirs of the kingdom, which he has promised to those who love him?" You have to ask yourself, who are you giving to? are you giving to people and institutions or are you giving To God? Just remember Jesus was found amongst Sinners and Prostitutes, Because a church is not a place for the perfect but a hospital for the broken. Be the light in this world, be the representatives for Christ on Earth and Let go and Let God. You don't Choose..Let God Choose

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