Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Never Ever Ever cheat on your hairdresser!

Never, Ever , Ever , Ever and i mean ever cheat on your Hairdresser! Let me begin by just defending myself in this whole situation....For the past 2 months i have been so busy, early early mornings, late late nights, we were busy with a huge marketing campaign in cape town and i had little time for myself!Saturday We were invited to a birthday Party of a friend's brother, Now let me start by saying my hair is not the easiest of hair because i have to straighten, and blow and straighten again before i can be seen in public, and when i wake up in the mornings i always say thanks first that my husband has stuck with me this long because my hair curls up like a bad perm that only a mother could love!! I could only get an appointment with my hairdresser for this Wednesday, so i popped into a Local salon, and asked if i could just have a little trim on them split ends...and this is what happened: I Got there and waited 10 minutes to be taken into a little room that looks like a dungeon( or it could be me just feeling paranoid) they washed my hair and i was looking forward to being treated to that nice scalp massage that they do when they wash your hair, but instead i got cold water and a woman who was obviously angry at her husband because she washed my head V I G U R O U S L Y!!! damn man my scalp was on fire, but i still had an incling of hope that there was still a massage...rinse...cold water again...dripping down my spine....aaaahhhh here it comes, here it comes....BOOM over WTH? I go over to the seat of death in front of the mirror and my hairdresser with her glassy eyes says, so what will we be doing today? " oh just a little of the split ends and thin it out a little, because i do have an appointment for Wednesday...gulp... she picks up the scissors and i get a flash back of that Edward scissor hands movie, and i tell her that my hair is worse that a poodles when it is dry, no no it's fine don't worry about it, but i do want to cut a little fringe because it will suit you beautifully.. double gulp, uhm i haven't had one of those since std 6, but whatever you are the professional, just not too short please in a nervous voice off course, she snips and she clips and suddenly when she cuts the fringe it goes down in slooooowwwwwww moooottioon, noooooooooooooooo!! it's tooo short,it's tooo short! this woman takes the dryer, yip that's gonna make it grow back...she blows it with furious passion flicks it left , flicks it right and woala, "Kyk net hoe pragtag, sjoe dit lyk mooi...i could not look at myself in the mirror, either because of shock or concussion, because she dropped the front part of the dryer on my head when she was in the zone!! I tell her ever so politely that it's fine, i will see how it looks when she flat iron's and blow dries it...but nothing..i mean Nada.. zip , zero..get the picture? She sends me out with half dry hair curling up like a bad, bad, morning wake up perm..and a fringe that looks like a bad version of Jolandi Visser.. NOW WHAT??? i still have to walk out get milk and bread etc. and it's a busy mall AND i have a party on for tonight, clips is all i could think about. so i stand at pick and pay, hiding behind my wallet hoping no one i know sees me like this, because they will probably think that i have split up with my husband and gone on drugs or something,,yes that's how bad it looks! i pull at my hair at the bottom of my curls and guess what...bam on the counter a 6 cm piece of hair falls out probably about 1cm wide, like a badly done extension... i pick it up, dropped it in the bag, and sped out like a woman on nitro's!! I got home , clipped up hair, and my husband with a wth? expression... because normally when i get back.. i am relaxed, hair styledto perfection feeling like a million bucks( because after all it's part of your cut?, but by this time, my eyes are blood shot, my face is pale and i am in a panic looking like a woman on a mental break down!! " not bad love he says.. Not Bad? Not Bad? i ripped out the first clip then the second...NOT BAD Hey? my voice shockingly SHRIEK..uhm he looks like a deer caught in the headlights..uhm maybe you should flat iron it, and see maybe she had a vision. a Vision.. I pulled out the lock of hair in the bag.. he Wants to burst a vain but you could see..he knows it would mean not dare to laugh at a woman having a melt down lol! So Long story Short .. with some good wax and 2 hours of blow dry, flat iron and clips it started to look semi decent again...except for the fringe that is cut sooo short it will probably take 7 months to grow out! So what have i learned out of this experience? your hairdresser is like your life partner, they know your personality, your lifestyle, and your hair ( on it's good AND bad days) and they know how to bring out the beauty in your just never ever ever ever cheat on them..because you don't know what you have, how good they are until a Jolandi Visser crazed fan gets hold of a scissor and starts going clipper happy!

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