Friday, 12 July 2013

Mother's Love

I rubbed over my bump, as i lay on the couch with the sun kissing my tummy i realised that my life was about to change, i was about to change and God has chosen me to become a guardian to one of His Angels. It was an undeniable fact that from the moment he would take his first breath i would do anything to protect him. Anything that he will ever go through, as disapointing or hurtful or great it might be, i will love him unconditionally, this is a sort of love that you never know until it happens to you! This Child before me sleeps, his rhytmic breathing calms me. I am a Mother, an undeniable fact of the universe. We are joined together for all of eternity because...i am his Mother! His Blonde hair curls at the nape of his neck and his bright smile lights up a thousand galaxies. This child of mine who always laughs convinces the biggest , brightest stars from the sky to live in his bautifull blue eyes! When the day calms down, when the sun sets in the sky and make way for the moon and the stars to play in the heavens and my angel falls asleep, i watch him... Where has all my prayers gone? where did all my questions to the meaning of life gone? where did my insecurities go? My Conversations with God is now about my son, My songs of joy is now about this tiny being that has been entrusted in my care, i love this little human SO much! This love for him lives in my soul, in the pores of my skin, in the redbood cells that grew him inside of my body, i love him intensly,unconditionally,unexplainably! Oh how beautifull God's favour upon me is. Quetly i leave his room, feelings on intensity rushes over the beaches of my soul, he is part of my every being now and forever, till the end of time!

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