Tuesday, 19 March 2013

What is The True Meaning Of Human Rights Day?


Human Rights Day in South Africa is linked with 21 March 1960, and the events of Sharpeville. On that day 69 people died and 180 were wounded when police fired on a peaceful crowd that had gathered to protest against the Pass laws. It was more than a protest against the Pass Laws of the apartheid regime. It was an affirmation by common people, rising in unison to proclaim their rights, and it became an iconic date in our country’s troubled history.

But to me this day has so much more meaning to it than a specific event,
It Means That:
I have the right to be protected, respected and loved by my fellow man.
I have the right to be equal to my husband, where love and respect is a mutual exchange between 2 people in a life-long commitment to each other.
I have the right to be able to walk alone under a moonlit sky without fear, I have the right to voice an opinion, to vote, to be recognised with merit whether i am white , or black, whether i am male or female.
I have the right to practise religion of my choice without being prosecuted or killed for my beliefs.
I have the right to grow old in a peaceful world, to watch my daughter play in a park without fearing the eyes of perverted individuals or fear of my children being sold as sex slaves.
I have the right to buy something nice with the money i earned without fear of being killed for it.
I have the right to stop at a red light as a law obiding citizen without fear of being murdered for my car.
I have the right to meaningful friendships without fear of being used for another's benefit
I have the right to speak up when i am not being treated fairly without fear of rejection.
I have the right to speak up when my leader of my country disappoint me in his double minded actions, without fear of being laughed at or ignored because i am in the minority.
I have the right to take part in a debate without having my colour count against me when things get heated.
i have the Right To Be proud of my heritage without being accused of being racist.
I have the right to see each and every square metre of our beautiful country that i pay taxes towards without fearing whether i am in the right  "colour coded" area.
I have the right to have friends of different races, ages, and cultures and personalities without fear of being condemned for it.
I have the right to not be judged for the person i used to be and respected for the person i have become.
I have the right to send my child out in the world without fearing that he will have to walk past 20 drug dealers before he gets to school.
I have the right to live in a world where we have enough respect for each others rights, where we can live ...and not die...where there's light, no darkness, Love and no hatred, Where our senior citizens are being treated with respect, where our children are protected, nurtured and loved, where nature is being looked after for centuries to come, where we greet each other on the street with Genuine Love for one another.Where our jails can be empty and our leaders can be looked up to. Where kids look up to their parents and where parents are worthy of being looked up to, where our pets are still treated as animals and not garbage, where helping someone in need comes from a genuine place and not for gaining face or publicity.
Where Police men were still looked up to, where kids still wanted to be firemen and where hatred,greed,murder,corruption,Promiscuity Amongst children, pollution of human mind and deceit was something you only saw in horror movies and not documentaries..
We Live in a world where children are burned , woman are raped, men are murdered, boys are recruited as soldiers and death is the only prize left after greed has sucked up all power and wealth.

We live in a world where this could be possible if every person started with the one you see in the mirror.

May Human Rights Day Bring forth in our lives appreciation for what we have, motivation for what we could become and Faith That God's Grace, Love, Kindness and mercy will change us all for the better.